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with Pygmy Goat Tip. It has a
smaller 3/8" diameter tip which is
just right for disbudding Pygmy
goats. The Rhinehart X30 is a
less expensive, slightly lower-watt
Hoof Trimmer
Portable Hay Feeder
Show Collars
Doe Collars
Nylon Halter
Nylon Lead
Measuring 44.5” long by 31.5”
wide by 45.13” high. The trough
measures 3.5” deep and 18”
off the ground. It is a bunk
feeder which is made of
galvanized metal and prevents
rust and corrosion. It will feed
up to 10 goats.
Portable Grain Feeder, 11"  
that be attached to a wall or
hung on a fence. Measures
11" x 6-3/4" x 7".
Holds 3.5-Quarts
Divided to let your put grain
in one side and loose
mineral salt in the other.
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Baby pygmy goat in a sweater